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Hi there! It’s me, Amanda Luz Henning Santiago, extremely professional, super cool — too much? — New York City-based writer and comedian at your service!

Currently, I’m writing on Mashable’s culture team, penning breaking news posts and features about all the weird and wonderful cultures that exist online. (And on occasion, I get to write about my favorite thing on the planet: kitchen supplies.)

Formerly, I worked for the trade publication Printing News and Wide-Format & Signage — yes, that is a real publication, who knew! — as an Associate Editor. I have written for VinePairBusiness InsiderHuffPost, The Belladonna, and served on the writing team for the web series Intellectual Property with Andrew Rivera.

In my past life as an improv comedy nerd, I performed on The Armory improv house team King Crab, from August 2016 till May 2017. And, I remain enrolled in UCB’s Advanced Study Improv program. I have worked and studied under improv greats such as Anthony Atamanuik (The President Show) Brennan Lee Mulligan (College Humor), Patrick Noth, Nicole Drespel (Broad City), John Timothy, and Keisha Zollar. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, I now live in Queens, with my partner and our cat who refuses to stop eating the plants. It’s the best.